Safe Place App



“Safe Place” is an iPhone application that allows supporters, friends, and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community to tag/name locations in their communities as “safe” for the LGBTQ community. The project, inspired by the “Safe Space” initiative (which promotes and communicates LGBTQ acceptance in primary and high schools), strives to support, empower, and strengthen the LGBTQ community worldwide. My primary role in “Safe Place” included wireframing, concept and development, and preliminary coding.


  • Inventor and designer
  • Conceptualized idea
  • Researched other social justice related apps
  • Incorporated LGBTQ resources


Safe Place allows users to “Add a Place,” allowing anyone to add a specific location as a designated safe LGBTQ spot.
Furthermore, Safe Place ‘place’ page allows users to see how many other people marked the place as “safe” by the number count. The more people “agree” or “add” the place as safe, the higher the place’s ranking gets.
Users can use the “My Place” tab to save places that they frequent often and might want to recommend other people to visit. This also serves as a quick reference when sharing with others who are unfamiliar with specific locations.
The final tab on “Safe Place” is ‘Support Space,” a permanent feature in the app reserved for State-wide LGBTQ support services or 24 hour suicide hotlines. ‘Support Space’ is always available to aid those users in need especially in emergency situations.