Nirvana Solutions Corporate Website



Nirvana Solutions is a New York based financial software company that provides real-time portfolio management solutions to hedge funds, prime brokers, and fund administrators. After completing the visual design and user experience for their pad app and website that you can see (here), the CEO asked me to come again to design their website.


  • Lead graphic designer
  • Developed all graphics and templates
  • Developed wireframes
  • Implemented CSS and Javascript libraries



The CEO was not happy with the original website for a number of reasons – for one, the homepage had a promotional video, but for some reason the video would not load – leaving a huge black box on the screen.
Another problem was content layout. Information was often displayed in a sometimes confusing manner. In this example, the shell-like information structure was quite confusing.
At the drawing board, I made sure to first think about the information architecture. I wanted to be sure that we could still display an opening video, but also display a great deal of contacts and links.
Next, in photoshop, I began putting the “meat” to the frameworks. I used similar type design settings as in the initial iphone app, creating using a Sans-sarif font and light colors of light purples and grays.


After creating the final design in photoshop, the next phase was coding and desiging the framework in Dreamweaver. Creating a table and using background images and divs to input the imagery and creating .css styles to manage the whole, template, the template was then applied as content was inserted.
Templates were also made in order to showcase the text and information on the pages. the templates also allowed for the CEO’s own imagery to go on view.
One of the new features included in this site, was a nice drop-down menu that enabled all of nirvana’s sub pages to be viewed.