NYU Intranet



NYU Intranet is an internal website used to share office information on official policies, staff contact data, and required handouts. The 6+ month redesign included user feedback and analysis reports, site mapping, wireframing, and graphic design.


The original website interface hadn’t been updated since 2007, making it mostly irrelevant to it’s users. The first task was to discover how the staff would like to see the Intranet redesigned, and furthermore, what was missing from the interface that would make it more relevant to its current users.
Benji created Intranet Usability Questionnaire sheets for each staff member in order to find their uses of the intranet including their least liked and favorite aspects and what elements of the site they would change.
An office usability report was created based of the initial feedback including important charts, graphs, and analytical information.
Site Map Creating a site map of the current Intranet made it much easier to evaluate the site and label pages as useful, outdated, or not needed. When it was discovered that the amount of pages extended beyond even the use of employers, it became obvious that many pages could be removed.
Main Menus and Page layouts began evolving through hand-sketched wireframes and visuals.
User interface and navigation was a huge part of this process. Based on internet feedback and questionnaire, Benji found that a drop-down menu would be most effective way to show the categories within each menu section.
After a clear wireframe template was realized, Benji went through numerous iterations of visual design to coherency. Emphasizing ease, simplicity, and directness, Benji wanted the site design to be quite minimal and less visually active.


The final site included an expandable drop-down menu that allowed staff to easily see what information was contained within the specific team page before venturing further.

Staff thumbnails also appear on their team pages with a link to their contact information.

The ‘Lookbook’ is a socially focused component of the site that stands as a mini social website for staff birthdays, photos, contact information, and job titles.
The use of dynamic slideshows are also used to promote various office events and funcitons. The fading slideshow plays on a rotating image effect which allows staff members to click through promotions of interest.